Purchasing Or Leasing Hardware

Sep 21, 2017 by

When you decide its time to get new computer hardware with http://blackbox-solutions.co.uk, you have a choice between buying outright, hire purchase or leasing. The route you follow will depend on your business needs, your budget and the level of advice and support you need. When choosing hardware, make sure that any new or replacement components are compatible with your existing computer equipment. Look carefully at the overall costs, including if it might be cheaper to install a new system rather than upgrade existing components.

Buying computer hardware outright

Advantages of buying equipment outright with http://blackbox-solutions.co.uk include:

  • For small businesses, being able to deduct a percentage of the value of their IT investments from their taxable income. This includes hardware, software and mobile phones. Read more aboutcapital allowances.
  • Not being tied into medium or long-term agreements which may be difficult to end if your needs or circumstances change.

Disadvantages of buying outright include having to:

  • Pay the full cost up front. This may cause cashflow pressures as you can’t easily spread the cost to coincide with money coming into the business.
  • Replace equipment regularly. Computer equipment depreciates quite quickly and may be obsolete after a few years, requiring a further investment.

Advantages of hire purchase or leasing of IT equipment include:

  • Financial flexibility – you can spread the cost of your equipment over a period of time so its impact on your cashflow is less severe.
  • Tax benefits – as with purchasing, leasing can also offer tax benefits. Businesses can usually deduct the full cost of lease rentals from taxable income. Consult your accountant for specialist advice in this area. Find out how tochoose and work with an accountant.
  • An integrated maintenance contract and replacement equipment (in the event of total failure), often as part of the deal.
  • The possibility of a periodic upgrade or replacement with new equipment as part of the package, keeping your office technology up to date.

Disadvantages of hire purchase or leasing include the following:

  • The equipment’s overall cost may be greater than if you’d purchased it outright.
  • There can also be more administration involved.
  • When leasing, your business doesn’t actually own the equipment. It remains the property of the supplier.
  • When using hire purchase, your business will own the equipment at the end of the contract, by which time it may be obsolete.

When deciding if you should buy or lease your hardware equipment, it’s important to also consider your needs around hardware installation, maintenance and support.


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How To Choose A Colour Photocopier

Sep 21, 2017 by

Most companies only need black and white photocopiers from http://blackbox-solutions.co.uk, in general for internal use. In some cases, however, more elaborate machines which can also process colour documents are necessary. Printing and copying flyers, brochures and marketing material call for the use of colour copiers. These units are usually more expensive, so choosing the right technology and finding the best price are essential.

Features and functionalities. Modern photocopiers from http://blackbox-solutions.co.uk are most of the time multi-function printers (MFPs) which can scan and print documents as well as copy them. Two technologies exist: inkjet or laser. Laser units are at the higher-end of the price range, but the toner they use is considerably cheaper than ink cartridges. Depending on the size of your business or the volume and quality of work that needs to be done, the choice of your colour copier is crucial.

Standalone or desktop?

Desktop copiers are perfect for home users, or small offices. They fit on any desk or counter, can scan, print and copy in black and white or colour, and are simple to operate from a computer. They’re also cheap, and toner or ink refills are affordable. However, ink-jet cartridges tend to run out quickly, some colours more than others. They’re appropriate for small volumes of average-quality colour prints. Standalone MFPs are heavier and more cumbersome, and of course more expensive. They mostly use laser technology. They’re suitable for larger companies processing important volumes of documents, and some high-end machines are totally appropriate for copy professionals thanks to their high resolution and elaborate features.

Speed and volume

While entry-level MFPs are able to process between 20 and 30 pages per minute, a mid-range freestanding unit will have a 40-50 page-per-minute output, which is enough for most uses. Professional photocopiers can process 100 pages per minute, but they cost a lot and must be reserved for specific companies. In addition to speed, the paper tray volume is another important point. As a matter of fact, frequent paper refills will take time and impair your staff’s workflow. Connecting a photocopier to the company’s network generally increases volume by 20-30%, so it’s better to overestimate your needs than the contrary.


Finishing tools

If you intend to use your colour copier for such jobs as printing brochures or promotional material, finishing tools such as staplers or document folders might be necessary. Likewise, built-in fax machines and internet connectivity are appreciated features. All these options obviously have an impact on the overall cost, as they’re rarely available on entry-level models.

Finding your colour copier at the right price

You really need to pinpoint your needs before purchasing a colour copier. If it’s too small and slow, it will not fulfil its role properly. On the contrary, if it’s too complicated or equipped with unnecessary features, staff may need a long and costly training period, which is a waste of time and money. However, other options than outright purchase exist, reducing prices and improving services.

Renting and leasing

By paying for your copier in monthly or quarterly instalments, the financial impact will be greatly reduced. For example, a £1,000 MFP paid for through a 5-year lease purchase contract will only cost you around £20 per month, and you will own it when the contract expires. Renting is perfect for occasional uses. In general, service and maintenance are included in rental or lease fees

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What is a locksmith and how can they help you?

Jan 25, 2017 by

Ever been locked out or have you ever lost the keys to your flat? If that has ever happened, then you probably know how much of a hassle that is when these problems happen. Luckily, there is a way for you to solve a broken lock or a lost key; you can just hire a professional locksmith, which you can find on this website, http://www.cityoflondonlocksmiths.co.uk.

A locksmith is someone who exclusively specializes in all kinds of locks, keys, and other related items. A locksmith will be able to fix door, car, safe, and even window locks! Whatever kind of lock that you need to be opened, a locksmith can do it for you. Given enough time, and if you pay them appropriately, you can get any lock unstuck! And they will even be able to create duplicate keys too, even if you have lost the original copy. And if you want a lock entirely replaced, a professional locksmith can fix for you. These kinds of locksmiths are especially useful in large cities, such as London, where people lose their keys a lot. So if you have any problems with either a lock or its key, then you should call a professional locksmith for assistance.

And a professional locksmith can help you in some different ways too. For example, for most people who move into a new place, they will often need to change their old locks. And changing old locks can be a time consuming and difficult process. And it is not always a good idea to change a home’s locks by yourself. That is why it is important to hire the services of a professional locksmith to change your locks for you. With the help of a professional locksmith, you will be able to have all of your locks changed without a single problem, so if you want to save your time in changing the locks, just hire someone to do it for you.

Another way that a professional locksmith can help you is when you lock yourself out of your flat or house. And this happens fairly often. And it is even worse when you lock yourself out of your place at midnight. So you may be wondering if you can even find a locksmith at such a late hour? You actually can! In big cities, such as London, you can find many professional locksmith services that are open to serve you at all hours of the day. So whenever you need help with a lock, such as when you lock yourself out of your home at night, you can just give a locksmith a call to be let into your house.

Finally, it is very important that you hire a locksmith that has a good professional work ethic. A locksmith will be working on very private and sensitive areas of your home, which is why the locksmith that you hire should conduct themselves professionally. There are many locksmiths out there, so choose the right one.

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What is the importance of the Modulation Transfer Function?

Dec 7, 2016 by

As an optical designer, you must’ve heard about the modulation transfer function a couple of times. It is the scientific method that is widely used to describe the performance of the lens. If you are planning to use it, you must ensure that you know how to hire the right MTF testing service here at http://www.image-science.com and of course, you must understand the importance of the modulation transfer function so that you can utilize it properly and wisely.

The name says it all—the modulation transfer function is the measurement of the transfer of the modulation that is extracted from the object onto the image. To put it simply, the modulation transfer function is a tool use for measuring on how the lens’ ability in reproducing the object into the image.

When you are talking about the modulation transfer function of the lens, make sure that you can identify the type of test pattern that you are going to use because there are different types of test patterns out there. One of the most preferred pattern in modulation transfer function is the sine wave pattern in which the density of the optics will vary from white and black in a very smooth manner and of course, the line profile imitates the sine wave perfectly. But, these patterns are quite hard to generate and regarding the image that is produced by this certain type of pattern is hard to measure just by the use of the naked eyes. That is why, as you can notice, in modulation transfer function most of them are using the bar-type pattern. This is because the bar-type patterns can have a higher measurement of the modulation transfer function compared to the sine wave patterns but honestly, the difference is rather small.

You should not only consider the type of the test pattern that you are going to use, but the light that you are going to provide in illuminating as well as the type of detector that you are going to use when it comes to the recording can influence the modulation transfer function a lot. It is because the modulation transfer function will all depend on the wavelengths that are also based on the lights that you are using. For instance, if you opt to use a blue light then you will most likely have a higher modulation transfer function compared to when you use a red light. In most cases, white light is often used, but the results will all depend on the color temperature. On the other hand, tungsten light will have a stronger and longer wavelength component if you will compare it to the daylight so basically, the modulation transfer function that you are measuring using the tungsten light will most likely be lower if you’d compared it to the modulation transfer function that you are going to measure on the daylight. Regarding detector, if the sensor is a bit sensitive to the blue light then you can conclude that the results will have a higher MTF.

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Will Digital Business Cards Replace Paper Business Cards?

Nov 25, 2016 by

With all the changes in traditional ways these days turning digital, many are thinking that what used to be normal will be replaced with something more convenient. There are so many examples about this, like a painting. Painting the traditional way still exist these days. Some artists have even developed techniques that are quite different in the past centuries. But in the digital world, you can create a digital painting with the use of a digital art editor. With business cards, there are those so-called digital business cards, too. Go to http://www.mbizcard.meto see what these digital business cards are like.

Will it replace the old business cards?

A lot of people are speculating that the usual business cards will be replaced with digital business cards in the long run. Here is one proof that traditional business cards will still be around.

Visual presentation. One thing that digital business card doesn’t have that paper business cards do is the visual presentation. It has a life to say about its owner to the recipient. The more unique the paper business cards are made, the more it gives an impact to the one who receives it. Have you realized how there is something different abouteverything you’ve touched, even if there are digital counterparts for it? That is how the classics will always remain. It’s true that digital business cards do have that visual presentation, but it can never topple what traditional paper business cards can offer. There are even businessmen and businesswomen that spend the extra cash just to make their business cards sizzle. They know the value of business cards since it is where first impressions make a lasting impact on the receiver.


Convenient on Conferences. If you are a businessman or a businesswoman, you know very well how conferences, events and the like are very important to you. All the more you need to carry around business cards. It is the time where you get to expand your network by exchanging contact information with various other individuals on those conferences or events. With those business cards, they can use it to contact you and even remind them on how you met for the first time.

While they may not be replaced in the distant future, it is advisable that every individual that carries a business card must also prepare their digital business card. It is safe to assume that most individuals prefer the old traditional way, but you will meet people that will simply ask about your digital business card instead. This is because it is more convenient for them, not to mention it doesn’t leave too much clutter on their end. Because of such situations, you need to have your digital business cards ready at all times. You can find a lot of apps that are designed to make such things.

With both digital business cards and paper business cards with you all the time, you are ready to meet new individuals that will one day help your business grow.

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How Wood Moisture Meter Works

Nov 7, 2016 by

Think of a wood moisture meter as a very good investment to make because just for a very affordable price, you will no longer have to worry if your wood is too wet or too dry to use. Knowing the moisture level and content of the pieces of wood that you are going to use will help you determine the right time to use the pieces of wood. With the use of the moisture meter, you will no longer have to worry about estimating and just purely observing the moisture content of a wood material.

Wood moisture content are very easy to use, and this device needs no professional training or practice for a user to use it. You just have to follow the manual’s guide and instructions and then you are already good to go.

Pin and Pinless Moisture Meters

There are certainly two kinds of wood moisture meter, the moisture meter with a pin or without the pin. However, both types can still measure the moisture level or content of material, but both have different ways of measuring the moisture content of the material. The moisture meter with a pin measures the moisture level through the electric current while the moisture meter without the pin measure the moisture level of the wood through sensing the electromagnetic field of the material or object.


Advantages of Using the Moisture Meter Without the Pin

One of the advantages and benefits of using the moisture meter without the pin is that it can quickly scan and determine the moisture level of the entire material or wood even without putting holes on the wood. You can even take the moisture meter without pin with you when you are going to buy for pieces of wood or lumber. Unlike the wood moisture meter with a pin, it must be in good contact with the object or material to be measured before it can read and determine the moisture level of the object. This kind of moisture meter can detect and read the moisture level of the wood no matter what shape or kind of wood that has to be measured.

Advantages of Using the Moisture Meter With Pin

However, using the moisture meter without the pin has also its advantages and benefits. One of the major advantages when using the moisture meter without the pin is that it can detect and measure the moisture on the edge of the board stacked for drying purposes which means that you do not have to take away all the pieces of wood for you to do the measurement.

Moisture meters with a pin or without measure the moisture levels differently. Whichever you choose to buy and use, make sure to consider the pros and cons of each of the products before actually buying it. Also, make sure that you are going to buy the moisture meter at legit stores like http://www.kilnservices.co.uk/moisture-meters.htm because there are some online stores which claim to be selling legit and original moisture meters. Be sure to get the original wood moisture meter.

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Five Best Types Of Wood

Oct 31, 2016 by

Wood has many types but there are just certain types that can be used for woodwork. There are hardwoods and softwoods.  Evergreen trees produce softwood while angiosperm trees produce hardwood. Hardwood is usually chosen over softwood when making sturdy wood projects. You can check the five best types of wood below.


You can buy white oak or red oak for your woodworking projects. They are heavy woods that would be great to make home furniture like beds and heavy duty closets. The wood grain would look lovely with wood stain and is not necessary. Just keeping its natural color on your woodwork can make it stand out. The wavy grain is a favorite in making wood crafts out of oak.


A much lighter colored wood used because of its durability. It can be dried with kilns on http://www.kilnservices.co.uk.  Furniture is made with it. It is a good substitute for a more expensive wood for its affordability. Woodworkers prefer to use it to make dressers and bowling alleys. It has a great similarity with cherry when it is stained. This similarity is usually used to make a better looking piece of woodwork.


Antique furniture is usually made of cherry. It becomes more beautiful in color as it is aged. Its natural color changes from light to darker tone of color. Getting it from a kiln from http://www.kilnservices.co.uk/log-drying.htm will prepare it for use. It can be easily carved but makes strong and long lasting furniture. It is not surprising to see beautifully carved antique furniture made of cherry. The pieces are highly priced but it is worth it for the woodworks you will create with it.

Evening in the Foresr


Another expensive type of wood is mahogany. It has a distinctive brown to red-brown color. Since it is a hardwood, it is popular. You can use it on the traditional type of wood projects. Its natural color helps to make it a wood sought out for its beauty and durability. You can make furniture that can also last for years with mahogany. It has fine grains that would look great upon finishing. Carving it is also not a problem since it is a good carving wood.


Softwood light in color is a common description of pine wood. A good feature is it  is lightweight. It might not be as durable as hardwood but its other characteristics make up for it. The grains are great for staining when you are looking into what finishing touches are good for it. It can be prone to denting and scratches but careful handling will easily prevent this. Paint also works great with it, making it a good wood for kid’s toys.

The best types of wood are chosen by woodworkers to create magnificent pieces. Using wood from mahogany can be expensive but the cost is nothing once you see the outcome of your woodwork. The cherry wood becomes more beautiful over time. Oak and maple are hardwoods that stay strong over time. Pinewood is a softwood but it is lightweight and affordable.


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