Getting Your Story Out In Five Ways

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A story needs to be heard but few people take notice. A person trying to tell a story to someone won’t create a big impact. If you long for your story be heard, work hard for it. Organize your thoughts to tell your story in an interesting manner. You can get your story out in five ways.


Post your videos

Your story can get through many people through videos. People prefer to watch videos online than go to inspirational talks or events. You can create wonderful videos through Upload your videos on public websites like YouTube.  You can gain more audience when people watch your videos. Add your contact details on the video if you wish to be contacted by your audience.

Get in touch with media

Stirring the media’s attention can get your story out faster. The media can help you share your story on TV if you have a great story that can help many people. Contacting your local TV network is the first step. Almost every home has a television. Just imagine how many people watch TV every day. It is a big step in sending your story to many people. National TV networks always jump on the bandwagon once they sense a good scoop.

Create a social media site

Another way to reach more people is through social media sites. You can create your Facebook and Twitter account. Making a dedicated social media site to send out your story will let people follow your topic. They can get in touch with you through social media. Your videos can be posted on your social media sites to cover more audience. Going online will attract more followers. A good social media site can get you a million followers.

Talk to influential people

People like Oprah can help you get your story out to more people. It could be difficult to get the attention of influential people. Influential people can invite you for a talk if you have a good story worth telling. Your story can spread widely through influential people. Big audiences already follow influential people. Once influential people tell your story, it means a lot of people will listen to it. It could just spread like fire, and the limit of people who can tell your story is limitless.

Write a book

Write a book to be able to reach more people not just the current generation. You can talk to future generations if you write a book today. Many people’s great stories are heard through their books. The book you will write today can be read by the younger generation. Your story can reach many people through your book. Your story can continue to live forever.

A story can live forever once a book is written about it. Post your videos for your story to reach more people through a social media site. Get in touch with media to help you. Talking to influential people can inspire them, and they can tell your story to more people.

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