Five Best Types Of Wood

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Wood has many types but there are just certain types that can be used for woodwork. There are hardwoods and softwoods.  Evergreen trees produce softwood while angiosperm trees produce hardwood. Hardwood is usually chosen over softwood when making sturdy wood projects. You can check the five best types of wood below.


You can buy white oak or red oak for your woodworking projects. They are heavy woods that would be great to make home furniture like beds and heavy duty closets. The wood grain would look lovely with wood stain and is not necessary. Just keeping its natural color on your woodwork can make it stand out. The wavy grain is a favorite in making wood crafts out of oak.


A much lighter colored wood used because of its durability. It can be dried with kilns on  Furniture is made with it. It is a good substitute for a more expensive wood for its affordability. Woodworkers prefer to use it to make dressers and bowling alleys. It has a great similarity with cherry when it is stained. This similarity is usually used to make a better looking piece of woodwork.


Antique furniture is usually made of cherry. It becomes more beautiful in color as it is aged. Its natural color changes from light to darker tone of color. Getting it from a kiln from will prepare it for use. It can be easily carved but makes strong and long lasting furniture. It is not surprising to see beautifully carved antique furniture made of cherry. The pieces are highly priced but it is worth it for the woodworks you will create with it.

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Another expensive type of wood is mahogany. It has a distinctive brown to red-brown color. Since it is a hardwood, it is popular. You can use it on the traditional type of wood projects. Its natural color helps to make it a wood sought out for its beauty and durability. You can make furniture that can also last for years with mahogany. It has fine grains that would look great upon finishing. Carving it is also not a problem since it is a good carving wood.


Softwood light in color is a common description of pine wood. A good feature is it  is lightweight. It might not be as durable as hardwood but its other characteristics make up for it. The grains are great for staining when you are looking into what finishing touches are good for it. It can be prone to denting and scratches but careful handling will easily prevent this. Paint also works great with it, making it a good wood for kid’s toys.

The best types of wood are chosen by woodworkers to create magnificent pieces. Using wood from mahogany can be expensive but the cost is nothing once you see the outcome of your woodwork. The cherry wood becomes more beautiful over time. Oak and maple are hardwoods that stay strong over time. Pinewood is a softwood but it is lightweight and affordable.


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