Choosing Whether TO Rent Or Buy Your Printer

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One of the most important assets for any business is its employees. Highly skilled and experienced employees have the ability to take a mediocre business and turn it into a superstar in a very short time. However, even the best employees can’t amount to much without the right tools. One of the tools that good employees need to excel in their given assignments is a high quality printer.

However, it has to be the right kind of printer from Entry level, basic printers are not good enough to handle the workload and quality requirements of an ambitious business. However, as is the case with most expensive office equipment, the modern printer or copier can be acquired in two ways i.e. lease and direct purchase. It is because of this that most businesses have to face the dilemma of leasing a printer vs. buying a printer sooner or later in their growth trajectory.

Let’s approach this question in a structured and step by step basis. The printer is an important piece of machine irrespective of which industry the business works in.

The printer or copier has the capability of making the office more efficient because printing is a much faster process than typing or even visiting the local store.

That establishes the fact that the printer is important. Now, let’s consider the financial side of things.

A successful business would not settle for an entry level printer because it will not provide the same kind of features and versatility that more advanced models will offer. Unfortunately, the more advanced printer models cost a good deal of money.

This cost vs. functionality dilemma is the real cause behind businesses thinking twice before deciding on leasing a printer or buying a printer. Since we are here to resolve this dilemma for you, here are pros and cons of both leasing a printer and buying a printer.

The problem with any kind of technology is that it becomes obsolete very quickly. Computers, tablets, smartphones, and printers all have a very short lifespan not in terms of durability but instead in terms of technological relevance.

Therefore, if you buy a printer tomorrow, then two years down the line, you may find yourself stuck with out of date technology. This problem, however, won’t exist in the case of leasing a printer. When you lease a printer, you sign a lease for a certain period of time. Once that lease expires, you can simply not renew the lease and instead lease a new printer.

Leasing a printer also brings expensive technology within your business’s reach. For instance, small to medium scale businesses often have to think twice before buying an expensive piece of equipment because the required investment is so high. Such businesses can simply choose to lease that expensive printer because monthly payments are smaller and more manageable than huge acquisition costs.

Another benefit of leasing a printer is that it usually doesn’t require any kind of down payment. Moreover, leasing a printer also means that your business will know precisely how much money it will be required to pay every month. This absence of down payments and predictability of monthly payments make leasing a printer one of the most financially stable elements for a business to rely on.

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